• 02/28/2013
    Prevention and Control of Money Laundering

    RiskMonitor Training Program

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  • 02/06/2015
    In the Absence of Constitutional Reason

    Interview with Stefan Popov

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  • 06/03/2014
    Anti-corruption Guide

    Target Institution: Sofia Municipal Administration

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Discussion "Jean-Claude Juncker, Bulgaria and the Protection of the Rule of Law" 09.03.2016

Today, 03/09/2016 in the office of the European Commission in Sofia a discussion on the Cooperation ...

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"Regulation and Control of the Security Sector” - Discussion 16.12.2015

On Thursday, December 17, 2015 in Radisson Blu Hotel RiskMonitor organizes a discussion within the p...

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The Burqa and the Bulgarian Fears 25.05.2016

Stefan Popov about the burqa ban: Burqa gives an interesting case study in terms of the fears, rai...

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Collection – Discussions on the Regulation and Control in the Security Sector 22.04.2016

This edition presents the proceedings of three public discussions organized under the project &ldq...

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Permissible secrecy, regulation and control of the security sector. 23.12.2015

This report was developed within the project: Permissible secrecy, regulation and control of the security sector. It represents observation on the state of regulation with respect to the security sector in several distinct thematic areas - structural and institutional aspects of the sector, definiti...

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The (Im)mobility Catch: Mobile People Versus Static Institutions 28.05.2015

The report is part of the project The (Im)mobility Catch: Mobile People Versus Static Institutions. The project is financed by OSI's Think Thank Fund. At the base of the project lies the growing disparity between an ever so intense citizen mobility within the EU, and the static institutional model o...

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Community Action to Prevent Trafficking of Vulnerable Youth in Bulgaria - YOUTHACT 24.01.2014

The Centre for Liberal Strategies, RiskMonitor and WAD Foundation  begin the implementation of ...

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Improviong the institutional and Policy Response for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering in Bulgaria and South-East Europe 05.10.2012

This is a project of RiskMonitor Foundation that focuses on developing the technical skills and oper...

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