Policy Briefs

MoI in the Different Party Platforms 18.11.2014

This policy brief examines how is the MoI present in the platforms of the parties in the 43rd Bulgarian Parliament.

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More Special Cases in the Specialized Court 13.11.2014

What are the results of the work of the specialized courts in the period after their creation? How the good practice of fast judicial procedures could be be disseminated in other courts? How t...

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The New Old Law for MoI. 23.07.2014

The new law for the Ministry of Interior is not much different than the old one. There are not too many new texts in it, nor does it introduce a structural change in th...

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Elections and MoI Reform 16.07.2014

Over the past year public life in Bulgaria has been dominated by protests, an unhealthy majority in Parliament (with an obscure support by Ataka) and an unstable govern...

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