Studies of Criminal Markets

The Black Book of Bulgarian Corruption 16.01.2010

(2010-2011)The main task of the project is to collect and systematize the data on significant corruption affairs in modern Bulgaria (1879 - 2000). These are partially treated in different studies on B...

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Corruption Practices in the Management and Utilization of EU Funds in Bulgaria 13.01.2010

(2010) The objective of the project is to investigate the corruption practices in the process of utilization of EU funds in Bulgaria (Pre-accession and Structural). Monitoring of the control mechani...

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Malfeasance in Office and How to Prove It in Court 29.01.2009

(2009-2010) Malfeasance in office is the most widespread type of abuse of power. Yet, ever since this problem was identified, the justice system has been paralyzed in dealing with it. The project ...

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Sexual Exploitation in Bulgaria: Myths and Reality 28.01.2009

(2009-2010) The project aims то support the development of public policies for preventing and combating sexual exploitation of women and children. The project includes activities such as study of t...

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