Research on Transnational Organized Crime

Institutional Policies to Combat Organized Crime in the Balkans 03.01.2011

Balkan organized crime is subject to a variety of international studies. Rare, however, are the  initiatives that monitor the institutional mechanisms to fight organized crime in the Balkans. Thi...

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Organized Crime and the Balkan Political Context 25.01.2009

(2009-2010) The project consists in an inter-disciplinary study of the inter-dependence between the political environment and organized crime in selected Balkan countries. The purpose of the project...

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Special Methods for Investigation of Organized Crime 23.01.2009

(2009-2010) The project sets itself the goal of examining the practice of investigating institutions and of tracing their capacity in the use of special methods for combating serious organized crime...

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Regulatory Profile of Organized Crime in Bulgaria 22.01.2009

(2009) The project includes a legal study of national and international criminal and administrative regulatory instruments and provisions on organized crime prevention and control, which are in for...

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