Assesment of Institutional Capacity

Democratic Principles and Election Practices: The Bamako Declaration in the Bulgarian Context 03.10.2011

The current project deals with a critical issue for the Bulgarian political system: despite Bulgaria’s membership in Euro-Atlantic institutions, vote-buying remains the main instrument for state...

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New Policy Responses to Organized Crime: The Bulgarian National Assembly as a Pro-active Policymaker 17.01.2010

(2010-2012) The goal of the project is to contribute to more efficient, transparent and accountable policymaking in combating organized crime and high-level corruption processes. This will be achieve...

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Monitoring the Commission for Establishing of Property Acquired from Criminal Activity (the Commission) 15.01.2010

(2010-2011) The projects presents monitoring and evaluation of the Commission after the amendments in the Law of Divestment in Favour of the State of Property Acquired from Criminal Activity. Monit...

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Monitoring the State Agency for National Security (2010) 14.01.2010

(2010-2011) The project represents monitoring and assessment of the institutional development of the State Agency for National Security (SANS) and the effectiveness of its activities after the law...

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