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Bulgarian Corruption Enters American Business Threat List 08.01.2009

Corruption in four Eastern European countries is rated as 3rd main concern for American business across borders.This conclusion was made in the Annual Report of the Overseas Security Advisory Council, published yesterday. The corruption in Bulgaria is mentioned along with that of Russia, Ukraine and Romania. The report states that terrorism and maritime piracy are the only more significant se...

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The “mutri” in international press 15.10.2008

The links between Bulgarian crime and politics are the main subject of a whole page in the New York Times. The article by Doreen Carvajal and Stephen Castle is an extended version of a publication in the New York Times of the same day. It begins with the statement that “politics is played to the death in Bulgaria”. The authors describe spectacular killings from the past two years ...

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The Balkans: Safer Even Than the West? 30.05.2008

UN report on crime in the Balkans calls into question traditional notions The notion that the Balkans are a crime-ridden region is strongly exaggerated. So claims the Vienna-based United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in a special report released yesterday. The report says that as regards conventional crime, which affects people most directly, the Balkans are actually safer even than West ...

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