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European Prosecutor?


Giovanni Kessler, Director-General of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), launched the idea of an European prosecutor to operate in all member states. These statements were made during official visits in Bulgaria and Lithuania in September. The European parliament Special Committee on Organised crime, corruption and money laundering further clarified the concept in its press-release from October 15, 2012:

"An EU prosecutor should be established, as is already provided for by the EU treaties. His or her office would be in charge of coordinating efforts to defend member states' financial interests and giving input to national authorities, for instance in tackling fraud in accessing EU funds."

According to public information the new office might consist of central unit and a network of prosecutors at national level. The option to establish such a structure is granted by the Treaty on European Union (Article 86):

"1. In order to combat crimes affecting the financial interests of the Union, the Council, by means of regulations adopted in accordance with a special legislative procedure, may establish a European Public Prosecutor's Office from Eurojust."

A recollection: The initiative made its first steps in 2007, when Franco Frattini expressed his belief that such an office would start working "in the future".

Press-release of the committe on organised crime, corruption and money laundering.

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