Towards a New Model for the Ministry of Interior 12.06.2014

Bulgaria’s MoI is both a target and a channel of state capture processes.The project will address problems in the institutional system related directly to law enforcement, human rights, good governance, and state-capture risks.

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Permissible Secrecy: Regulation and Control of the Security Sector 16.06.2014

The Project, which is actually the first of its kind, constitutes a civil monitoring of the overall reform in the security sector.

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Independent Students' Monitoring of State Institutions 13.06.2017

Independent Students' Monitoring of State Institutions Belonging to the Justice-and-Home-Affairs Sector

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EnCapture: Countering State Capture in the Energy Sector 29.11.2017

The project's goal is to develop a major case study of the South Stream Gas Pipeline Project, and especially as a proxy for state capture processes in Bulgaria.

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