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NARCOMAP focuses on Novel Psychoactive Substances and opiates illicit criminal markets in the EU and beyond...

EnCapture: Countering State Capture in the Energy Sector

The project's goal is to develop a major case study of the South Stream Gas Pipeline Project, and especially as a proxy for state capture processes in Bulgaria. ...

Towards a New Model for the Ministry of Interior

Bulgaria’s MoI is both a target and a channel of state capture processes.The project will address problems in the institutional system related directly to law enforcement, human rights, good governance, and state-capture risks....

Independent Students' Monitoring of State Institutions

Independent Students' Monitoring of State Institutions Belonging to the Justice-and-Home-Affairs Sector...

Permissible Secrecy: Regulation and Control of the Security Sector - About the Project

The Project aims at ensuring greater transparency of the security sector reform and creating mechanism for independent civil control over the changes related to the security services, through enhancing the contribution of the NGOs to the formulation of policies in the sector. The main activities of the Project cover several aspects:

Activities related to civil monitoring of the security sector, which include preparing reports, dedicated on various topics relevant to the reform; carrying out interviews with experts from the national institutions and NGOs with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field; preparing recommendations for better and more efficient management of the security sector.

Activities related to mobilizing civil expertise in support of the reform in the security services, such as expert meetings and discussions, dedicated on restructuring the special services.

The performance of these activities will help carrying out the structural reform in the security sector, while their successful accomplishment will contribute to:

  • stimulating the communication between the authorities and the civil society on this particularly sensitive topic;
  • giving a clear definition of the specific problems relevant to the management of the security sector;
  • providing a constructive forum for exchange of ideas between the stakeholders in the process of formulating policies in the sector.

The main target groups of the Project are the decision makers – representatives of the executive and legislative power – and the NGOs, independent experts and representatives of the academic circles. Targeting the project activities to them will enhance their knowledge and expertise, and will encourage the dialogue between them. This will lay down the foundations for exercising public control over the security sector and for a joint formulation of the strategic structural policies in this field.

The project "Permissible Secrecy: Regulation and Control of the Security Sector“ is funded within the framework of the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism