стеест 20.06.2017


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The Procedure as A License to Lawlessness 11.10.2013

Stefan Popov Trud Daily, 11/10/2013 The Constitutional Court's judgment on the "Peevski" case is yet another symptom of the critical condition the state has fallen in. At a time when the trust...

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On the Road to a Normal Ministry of Interior 13.08.2013

Stefan Popov Trud Daily 14/08/2013 The Minister of Interor took an important step with the announced cuts in the inefficient structures of his institution. It was an important step, but only a...

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The Security Sector: U-turn! 29.07.2013

Stefan Popov Trud Daily, 29.07.2013 The failure in the security sector, evident within the context of a widespread sense of injustice, shows the need for urgent reformist project. In this project pi...

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