Моney Laundering

National Strategy Against Money Laundering 15.06.2011

This edition contains the first strategy to combat money laundering, developed in Bulgaria. It also presents the statements made at the round table organized for its public presentation on March 9,...

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Conference Proceedings "Money Laundering from Trafficking in Human Beings" 15.07.2009

This edition presents the proceedings of a conference organized by RiskMonitor Foundation and the National Investigation Service. The event was was supported by Foundation "Bulgaria" and was held on A...

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Sex Trafficking and Money Laundering: the Case of Bulgaria 10.07.2009

The report presents the results of a one-year study on money laundering from trafficking of people from Bulgaria for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The main emphasis is placed on the organi...

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Countering Money Laundering: Current State and Prospects 15.10.2008

The report presents results from a research on countering money laundering in Bulgaria, carried out in 2008. The areas covered include analysis of current policies, the related legal framework an...

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