Unlawful circulation of narcotics through internet abuse

As one of the symbols of modern times and globalization, the Internet has greatly contributed to people being very well informed, the exchange of scientific and other data, the development of the economy (especially marketing) and other areas of social life. On the other hand, the internet is being abused by the perpetrators of the offenses in various ways. Drugs can be advertised, bought, sold on the Internet, information related to the effects of drugs, price, manner of consumption etc. can be obtained through the Internet. In the article, we will consider the importance of Internet for the development of the market of narcotic drugs, or the unlawful circulation of narcotics by the abuse of the Internet. One part of the paper referes to the phenomenon of new psychoactive substances. In addition, we analyzed the capacity of the cryptomarket to influence the conventional drug market.

By Radoslav Rasimovic, Academy of Police and Crimilistic Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia

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