Policy Briefs

The Paradox of Anti-corruption Institutions 30.11.2011

Stefan Popov

Over the last decade Bulgaria has been trying to persuade its partners in NATO and the European Unio...

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Parliament as a Factor in the Fight Against Organized Crime 27.09.2011

Georgi D. Dimitrov, Rumiana Kolarova, Stoycho P. Stoychev

Over the last decade the need to effectively combat orga...

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Commission for Establishing of Property Acquired from Criminal Activity - Problems and Prospects 26.07.2011

Stoycho P. Stoychev, Georgi Petrunov, Alexander Velev

During the first two years of its existence the Commission submitted to the court 50% more cases than the Prosecution...

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Control on the Use of Information Obtained through Secret Surveillance 27.05.2011

Stoycho P. Stoychev

The huge disbalance between the high number of approved requests for use of secret surveillanc...

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