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The State Against Organized Crime


RiskMonitor's Annual Conference which took place in the Borovets Resort on 21-23 November, 2008.

The topics discussed include: the legislative actions against organized crime in five Balkan states; the practical problems before the civil forfeiture of property from criminal activities; the resources of the trial in cases against organized crime; several proposals for corrections in the Law for the State Agency for National Security; the sociological borders in the research on organized crime.

The transcript includes statements and reports by Iva Pushkarova (2nd Panel), Charalampos Papacharalampous, Semra Coşkuntuna, Dalibor Doležal, Michael Levi, Georgi Iliev, Georgi Petrunov, Vesselin Vutchkov, Tatiana Vaksberg, Krassimir Shekerdjiev, Stefan Popov, Momchil Metodiev, Yovo Nikolov, Rada Smedovska, Alexander Kashumov, Velizar Shalamanov, Vasil Garnizov, Ivan Chalukov, Alexey Pamporov, Tihomir Bezlov.

The Conference was financed by the East East : Partnership Beyond Borders Program of the OSI - New York and CEE Trust.

Full transcript (in Bulgarian).

annual conference - 2008

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