Between Twitter and Putin: Trump on New Year’s 05.01.2017

Those unpleasantly surprised in the US are the ones who thought that a presidential candidate is one thing and president is different. Some hoped Donald Trump had no choice but to play the role of an ...

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The Trump Factor 12.12.2016

The New Bulgarian University and RiskMonitor organized a conference The Trump Factor, in which analysts from different fields, political scientists, diplomats and jurists talked about the consequences...

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The Stable Ministry of Interior: the Least Reformed Ministry Since 1989 12.09.2016

Julia Rafailovich Marginalia, 12/09/2016 The Ministry of Interior is not a regular ministry. There are many reasons for this, none of which are particularly dangerous or is a high-degree violat...

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The Burqa and the Bulgarian Fears 25.05.2016

Stefan Popov Burqa gives an interesting case study in terms of the fears, raised by the hysteria around them. First it was a couple phrases by senior officials that aroused the...

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