Research on Transnational Organized Crime

Pre-trial and Trial Proceedings Against Organized Crime: An Assessment 27.01.2008

(2008 – 2009) The effectiveness of the Bulgarian judicial system has been questioned for years. This project looks at specific cases instituted against organized crime, examining their progre...

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Balkan Organized Crime Through the Lens of Legislation 26.01.2008

(2008) This is the first ever comparative legal study of Balkan legislations on organized crime. The project identifies common as well as specific problems in the criminal laws of Bulgaria, Serbia...

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Specialized Bodies for Investigating Organized Crime 30.01.2007

(2007 – 2008) This is the first ever comparative legal study of institutions specialized in investigating organized crime in three countries: the UK, Italy, and South Africa. The project pres...

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Organized Crime, Public Interest, and Prosecution Strategies 29.01.2007

(2007-2008) It is as if the Bulgarian media and Bulgarian prosecutors do not live in one and the same country. Whilst according to the former organized crime is rampant in Bulgaria, according to th...

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