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Bulgaria ranked 44th in WJP Rule of Law Index 10.03.2014

Bulgaria ranked 44th among 99 countries in the Rule of Law Index of the World Justice Project. The WJP Rule of Law Index® measures how the rule of law is experienced in everyday life in 99 countries around the globe, based on over 100,000 household and 2,400 expert surveys wordlwide.  Here are some abstracts of the huge report. “Countries in Western Europe and North America tend ...

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Shots Fired at Zlatomir Ivanov, aka Zlatko Baretata (‘the Beret’) 29.01.2013

Bulgarian mobster Zlatomir Ivanov, aka Zlatko Baretata (The Beret), was shot and injured in front of the Central Courthouse in Bulgaria's capital Sofia at 9.30 in the morning of January 29, 2013 as he was entering the court session. According to news agencies, he received wounds in the stomach and his thigh. Ivanov is considered one of the big drug lords in Bulgaria. He was born Oct. 15, 1968 in a...

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Mario Nikolov Acquitted 21.09.2012

Sofia Court of Appeal acquitted Mario Nikolov, Mariana Nikolova, Anna Sharkova and Valentin Angelov on charges of money laundering and organization of criminal group, in connection to a fraud scheme in the EU SAPARD program. The verdict was announced by the 7th Court Chamber chaired by Kalin Kalpakchiev. On Sept. 14 Mr Kalpakchiev was elected member of the new Supreme Judicial Council from the ...

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The Kingdom of Cocaine Kings 06.06.2012

The King is dead. Long live the king. The traditional welcome for the new monarch comes as a natural association after the arrest of the "cocaine king", Evelyn Banev. On May 16, the former wrestler and successful businessman, also known as Brendo, was arrested on the road from Bourgas to Sozopol. General Giampaolo Ganzer, commander of the unit karabinieri to fight organized crime, labeled him as...

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