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The Procedure as A License to Lawlessness 11.10.2013

The Constitutional Court's judgment on the "Peevski" case is yet another symptom of the critical condition the state has fallen in. At a time when the trust in institutions has reached dangerously low levels, the public once again became hostage of the suspicion that in Bulgaria anything is possible as long as that is what the mighty of the day desire. Read the whole article by Stefan Popov...

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On the Road to a Normal Ministry of Interior 14.08.2013

The Minister of Interor took an important step with the announced cuts in the inefficient structures of his institution. It was an important step, but only an initial one. The Ministry is cluttered with fuctions that impede the implementation of its core task - to maintain public order. More resorces in the fight against conventional, everyday crime and closer relations with the local commun...

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The Security Sector: U-turn! 29.07.2013

Stefan Popov Trud Daily, 29.07.2013 The failure in the security sector, evident within the context of a widespread sense of injustice, shows the need for urgent reformist project. In this project pivotal function is attributed to the independent prosecution, directly and politically responsile through its incorporation into the executive. The institute of investigative prosecutor, operatin...

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Lawmaker, Is the Prostitute a Human Being? 17.07.2013

Stefan Popov in "Trud" Daily. Over the past year the repression on sex workers intensified with arrests, fines and even prison. What is this about? Policies applied throughout the world do not offer one universal solution to the problem of prostitution. From the restrictive regime as applied in most American States, through the German and Dutch liberal models with their strict rules to p...

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