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EnCapture: Countering State Capture in the Energy Sector

The project's goal is to develop a major case study of the South Stream Gas Pipeline Project, and especially as a proxy for state capture processes in Bulgaria. ...

BRING: A new narrative for Europe: Bringing more union into the European Union

The project targets youths, students, activists from Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and Greece, with an interest in the recent street protests and demonstrations and engaged in the public debate Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash...

Independent Students' Monitoring of State Institutions

Independent Students' Monitoring of State Institutions Belonging to the Justice-and-Home-Affairs Sector...

Permissible Secrecy: Regulation and Control of the Security Sector

The Project, which is actually the first of its kind, constitutes a civil monitoring of the overall reform in the security sector....


The NARCOMAP Project focuses on Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) and opiates illicit criminal markets (with particular regards to supply chain, trafficking routes from and to Europe, and related polycriminal activities) because the boundary between the market categories of ‘old’ and new drugs is becoming harder to define, and important interdependecies between these two groups of substances are emerging. However, little knowledge is yet available.

The objective is to contribute at improving knowledge and expertise by defragmenting relevant information and implementing innovative methods and technological tools to further collect, systemize, analyze in order improve detection, monitoring, investigative and prosecution capacities, and to facilitate cooperation/exchange of best practices among LEAs/relevant stakeholders.

In specific, the Project aims at:

  1. improving the quantity/quality of the information/data available on NPS/opiates illicit criminal markets by assessing the methods already used to collect, analyze and share them among key stakeholders in EU, by outlining possible countermeasures to increase efficacy/efficiency, and by drafting a comprehensive/circular data collection methodology
  2. improving the capacity to generate operational knowledge on NPS/opiates illicit criminal markets by defragmenting and systemize the information already existing, by further collecting complementary information on the basis of an interdisciplinary approach, and by developing/populating a structured and dynamic database
  3. improving the actual knowledge/expertise on NPS/opiates illicit criminal markets by using innovative interdisciplinary and mixed-methods to analyze the information/data available and to make them easily understandable/exploitable by LEAs/relevant stakeholders for operational purposes (e.g. investigation, intelligence, monitoring, the prosecution...)

4 improving networking, cooperation, information sharing and the exchange of best practices among key stakeholders in Europe (and possibly with third countries), by exploiting web-based technological solutions.

You can view the project's leaflet here

You can find out more at the project's website narcomap(dot)eu