Institutional monitoring

National Assembly as Policy Maker in the Fight Against Organized Crime and Corruption 02.07.2012

This publication is supported by Open Society Foundations. Recent study of RiskMonitor foundation shows that the National Assembly has the potential to play a crucial role in tackling the serious p...

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SANS and BORKOR - Monitoring 2011 29.06.2012

In this report RiskMonitor focuses its attention on the newly established Center for Prevention of Corruption and Organized crime (BORKOR). It was established at the end of 2010 as a body, entrusted w...

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Role of the National Assembly in Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption 2001-2011 01.11.2011

The Report tries to answer a sensitive for Bulgaria question: Is it possible the institution which is a focal point of political life, to be an effective participant in public policy to combat orga...

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Civil Forfeiture in Bulgaria (2005-2010) 19.07.2011

The report summarizes the results of a monitoring of the Commission for Establishing of Property Acquired from Criminal Activity (CEPACA). The study is conducted by "RiskMonitor" Foundation. It was pe...

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