Prostitution and Trafficking in Human Beings

Social Models for Integration of Prostituting Persons in Sweden, Canada, Bulgaria and Germany 15.10.2012

This report describes different models to regulate prostitution in three countries, where the issue is subject of wide public debate and both - state and NGOs make serious efforts to solve different p...

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Legalizing Prostitution - Pros and Cons 25.10.2011

The report "Legalizing Prostitution - Pros and Cons" examines a topic widely discussed, but poorly understood in Bulgarian society. The question is radical, the possible answers - with many meanings. ...

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Prostitution and Sexual Explotation in Bulgaria 15.11.2010

This new publication in the RiskMonitor series includes five independent studies on prostitution and sexual exploitation. One of the papers discusses organized prostitution and its clients, focusing o...

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