Interview with Walter Selter (Former Chief Posecutor for the German Federal Province North Rhine-Westphalia) 28.10.2013

Walter Selter has worked in the Prosecution for 30 years. During his career he served at different Prosecutor's offices throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. As head of the Prosecutor's of...

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Interview with Andy Young (Crown Prosecution Service) 17.05.2013

Andy Young is a prosecutor with over 20 years of experience. He’s been with the Crown Prosecution Service since 2004. Currently Mr. Young is the Deputy Chief of the Organized Crime section...

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Interview with State Prosecutor Christophe Barret (JIRS Prosecution - Republic of France) 02.01.2013

Mr Barret is a deputy district prosecutor at JIRS - the French specialized prosecution against organized crime (Juridiction inter-regionale specialisee). He is in the judiciary since 1988, starting...

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Interview with prosecutor Marco del Gaudio (Antimafia Prosecution of the Republic of Italy) 03.12.2012

Мr Marco del Gaudio is a deputy prosecutor of Naples and heads the local branch of the Antimafia Directorate (Direzione Nazionale Antimafia). He is working in the judicial system since 1995, begi...

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