Special Editions

Organized Crime in EU and US: the View of the Prosecution 18.01.2017

This collection comprises interviews with prosecutors from Europe and the United States, involved in the combat against organized crime. They participated as lecturers in a series of seminars par...

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CVM: Why Can't it Reach its Goals? 14.08.2016

An in-depth study by Georgi Dimitrov, Kaloyan Haralampiev and Zdravka Georgieva about why and how the Corporation and Verification Mechanism of the European Commission fails to reach it...

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Collection of Materials on National Security, Terrorism, Telephone and Computer Communication Control 11.07.2016

This is a collection of materials, translated from three specialized handbooks for investigations, intended for the training of American prosecutors and representatives from other agencies part of the...

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Rule of Law and Organized Crime. Part Two 14.02.2016

  This publication includes training materials from training seminars, which took place as part of the project "Specialized Prosecution against Organized Crime". The project is made possible tha...

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