National Security Risks for Bulgaria: 2020-2025


The report compiles the results of the research conducted under the project “National Security Risks for Bulgaria: 2020-2025.” The project was implemented by RiskMonitor Foundation, with the financial support of the CEE Trust.

The report employs a risk assessment analysis, a research method that has gained specific importance since the onset of the world economic crisis in 2008. In this new environment, the risk management policies still remain outside of the mainstream public policy debate in Bulgaria. The authors of the report therefore aim to draw attention to a new perspective regarding the notions of risk and risk society. In particular, the authors analyze the broader concept of risk as it relates specifically to the sphere of national security. A major contribution of the report is the new methodology and the new approach applied, in the context of the existing Bulgarian literature on the topic, in terms of the overall understanding of national security risks.

Authors: Stefan Popov, Georgi Ganev, Julian Popov, Albena Stambolova, Petya Kabakchieva, Vassil Garnizov.


Read the report here (in Bulgarian).

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