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National Assembly as Policy Maker in the Fight Against Organized Crime and Corruption

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SANS and BORKOR - Monitoring 2011

In this report RiskMonitor focuses its attention on the newly establ...

Role of the National Assembly in Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption 2001-2011

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Civil Forfeiture in Bulgaria (2005-2010)

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SANS and BORKOR - Monitoring 2011


In this report RiskMonitor focuses its attention on the newly established Center for Prevention of Corruption and Organized crime (BORKOR). It was established at the end of 2010 as a body, entrusted with responsiblities in the area of corruption and organized crime.Like SANS, BORKOR is burdenend with serious expectations of improving the efficiency in combating these phenomena. Unlike the Agency however, which is structured as counter-intelligence structure, BORKOR is institutionalized as an analytical unit, which main purpose is to produce complex of measures to reduce corruption. The reason to combine observations on both bodies lies in the overlapping areas of oparation rather than in the risk of duplication of functions.

Rada Smedovska-Toneva


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