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National Assembly as Policy Maker in the Fight Against Organized Crime and Corruption

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Monitoring of SANS (2008)


This report presents the results of a one-year civic monitoring of the newly created State Agency for National Security (SANS). The monitoring has focused on three aspects of SANS's development: institutional design, public perception, and parliamentary control. The creation of SANS is assessed as a necessary and positive stage in the process of integrating Bulgaria's security sector. The mechanisms for parliamentary control, though not yet practically enforced, are in accordance with established international patterns. Yet, there is a need for further legislative clarification of SANS's central institutional profile and of its basic goals and tasks. In particular, it is necessary to resolve the current dilemmas between intelligence, investigative, and police functions. RiskMonitor advances a more balanced, may be somewhat conservative, thesis that SANS should first and foremost develop an institutional profile of an intelligence institution. Its resources could secondarily be allocated to countering organized crime and high-level institutional corruption. SANS should be given this non-traditional mandate under the premise that organized crime is understood as a national security risk, as well as if the criminal policies of the state require such additional resources.

Rada Smedovska, Velizar Shalamanov, Daniel Smilov


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