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Мonitoring of the State Agency for National Security (2009)


The current report presents the results of the monitoring of the State Agency for National Security (SANS) conducted during the second year of the Agency’s operation by the RiskMonitor Foundation. Similar to the first report, the present document includes three main thematic areas: SANS’ institutional image, the public perception of SANS’ activities, and the parliamentary control over the SANS.

Despite the considerable shortcomings that marked the Agency’s establishment, significant efforts have been made since last year to improve its institutional image. The report cites as a positive step the elimination of some duplicating functions of SANS and the Ministry of Interior, as well as the introduction of parliamentary control procedures. SANS should however work toward building up its profile as a strictly intelligence service. One significant issue identified by the report is the appointment of under cover officers, because loopholes in the existing regulation pose risks of serious violations. The report also recommends more transparency regarding the process of recruitment and appointment of new officers in SANS.

There are some improvements in the organization and performance of the parliamentary control over SANS’ mandate. The new procedures meet the international standards and good practices. The report urges the Parliamentary Committee in charge to take initiative and conduct more ad hoc inspections of SANS, in full transparency and accountability for the results of the inspections. The report also recommends that the Committee issue regularly special reports of its activity, in order to increase and sustain the political impact of its own mandate.

Rada Smedovska, Momchil Metodiev, Lyuboslava Russeva


The complete report (in Bulgarian) is available here.