Sex Trafficking and Money Laundering: the Case of Bulgaria


The report presents the results of a one-year study on money laundering from trafficking of people from Bulgaria for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The main emphasis is placed on the organization of this criminal activity and the management of the funds it generates. The study presents the scale and development of this criminal and social phenomenon in our country. The paper also attempts to determine the annual amount of funds that are generated by the Bulgarian human traffickers. The study outlines the main actors in human trafficking for sexual exploitation and pays particular attention to the most important of these - the criminal organizations, and the distribution of their profits. The report presents the main schemes that Bulgarian traffickers use to launder money from criminal activity and some effects from the used schemes. In conclusion, the paper defines the major problems in countering human trafficking and money laundering and outlines possible solutions for overcoming them. The study emphasizes on the need to use the investigations of money laundering as an effective tool for reaching the top of criminal organizations.

Georgi Petrunov

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