Role of the National Assembly in Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption 2001-2011


The Report tries to answer a sensitive for Bulgaria question: Is it possible the institution which is a focal point of political life, to be an effective participant in public policy to combat organized crime and political corruption in a society with systematic political corruption affecting all participants in the political system and the very basis of this system? The solution of the equation is not unique. The authors outline the efforts of political parties passing the threshold from intentions into action. Still they make serious recommendations for further improvements in this sphere. Their advice includes inter alia the creation of a permanent subcommittee to the Committee on Homeland Security and Public Order, promotion of professionalism, adoption of important decisions by consensus between government and opposition.

This publication was supported by Open Society Foundations.

Georgi D. Dimitrov, Rumiama Kolarova, Stoycho P. Stoychev


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